Learn 9 Amenities To Look For In McDonough GA Apartments

As the county seat of Henry County, McDonough is the primary commercial and government center for the municipalities in its area. However, it’s also part of the larger metropolitan Atlanta area of Georgia. Easy access to the major city happens through Interstate 75, making this a quickly growing bedroom community. The population almost tripled between 2000 and 2010 per U.S. Census data, and the increasing density means it’s more common to find apartments here than homes.

Even if it’s not to beat the Georgia heat, having a place to splash around with family and friends gives those you love or love spending time with an excuse to come over and hang out with you.

An indoor fitness center gives you a chance to skip the gym membership and get exercise in even when it’s dark or wet outside.

Hopefully, you won’t need to talk to the office too often, but having one open many hours over five, six, or seven days a week is handy.

If you work in Atlanta and are looking for McDonough GA apartments as a place to live outside the city, then look for these 9 amenities.


One of the biggest advantages of apartment living is that when something breaks down, you call in the maintenance department to fix it. You’ll still have to keep the place clean, but major issues are handled by the property crew.

Lawn Care:

This is something else you shouldn’t have to worry about but do look for a place that takes good care of its surroundings. Having someone mow regularly is great, but a property with flowers and freshly trimmed shrubs is a great thing.

This is rather rare, but it’s convenient to not have to remember where your car is every time you walk outside.

Residents fluctuate a lot in apartment communities, but getting a chance to know a few neighbors never hurts.

This spares you from having to take your full bags down to the dumpster.

Want it all taken care of for you? This is the way to go.