A Basic Overview Of McDonough, Georgia

McDonough, Georgia was established in 1823 and named after Commodre Thomas Macdonough, a famed naval officer. It was intended to build outward from a standard town square in design. There are many historic buildings within the original town square area, and the majority of them are still in operation in some form today.

The city has been included in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, and it’s current population sits at just around 22,000. Along with helping comprise metropolitan Atlanta, it is also a part of Henry County. Travelers moving through cities such as Atlanta and Macon will naturally come across McDonough on interstate 75, as it sits just a bit beyond the halfway mark between the two.

There has been considerable growth in McDonough in just a short time. For instance, the 2000 census showed a population of only around 9,000 in the city. The 22,000 figure is from the 2010 census however. With another major population coming soon, it’s expected that even further development will be reflected in the numbers.

Many people love living in the town even if they have business in Atlanta up to the north. The commute between the two can be handled relatively quickly thanks to the interstate and mostly agreeable traffic. For those that don’t enjoy the bustle of larger cities outside of business purposes, the small town atmosphere of McDonough is a fantastic compromise.

One of the most interesting cultural aspects of McDonough, Georgia is its Geranium Festival, held each year in the spring time. The event is a full on celebration of flowers that have been grown locally. Taking part every third Saturday in May, the one day celebration has grown to more and more notoriety over time. It has been going for well over 30 years by now.

McDonough is fairly quiet overall, and that’s exactly how its residents tend to like it. After the Geranium Fesival, the town does come to life even further throughout the summer however. Despite the hot Georgia summer, the downtown area fills with a number of celebrations, musical events, and even an appreciation of the arts.

Town residents especially enjoy the summer block parties that take place every fourth Friday of each month. The historic McDonough Square even hosts regular movie nights. It may seem like a blip on the radar in comparison to some of the larger parts of the Atlanta metro area, but there is a lot of character and history that serve to make McDonough a great town that many people truly love.