Four Of The Best McDonough GA Restaurants According To Rankings

This time when visiting four restaurants we are going to be in the city of McDonough, Georgia. There are almost 200 restaurants in the city says Trip Advisor, and let’s see which four I am going to bring to you. Sometimes it depends on what names stand out, and other times something else catches my eye. What I can tell you though is these four places are definitely top restaurants in McDonough, Georgia.

The first restaurant we are going to take a look at is 15th Street Pizza & Pub. It is on Jodeco Road, and you are talking pizza, wings and well, what you would expect at a great pizza place. I am actually surprised at how many average or chain restaurants are in the top rankings for McDonough GA. So I’m going to try and be selective with these four places.

I hope you liked the first one, and the next establishment is Kirby G’s Diner. Now here is a quick fact for you. Anytime I see a diner, I pay close attention. I like diners, and so this one made the list. It is on Macon Street, and let me just tell you, the menu highlights already tell me what I would order. I would have a burger, onion petals and a sundae. Would you? By the way, this is supposed to be a 50’s themed diner.

Next up is Cravings Home Cooking. Okay, I was prepared to call the diner my first pick out of the four, but doesn’t that restaurant name draw you in? Cravings Home Cooking offers up southern home cooking and is said to be a hidden gem. No menu highlights show up automatically for this establishment, and the reviews aren’t all forthcoming as to tons of specific food items. Still, it is supposed to be delicious country cooking, and I see meatloaf and banana pudding mentioned.

The diner is still my top pick, but we are going to a cafe next, so we will see. It is called Three Dollar Cafe, and it is on Regency Plaza Boulevard. Menu highlights include wings, a fish sandwich and cheese sticks. Reviewers say it is a great place to watch a game, too. While that place sounds like a great place to stop as well, I am all about that diner out of these four picks. Is that the place you would visit first, too?